Sewanee Writers' Conference

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Sewanee Writers’ Conference

July 18 - 30, 2017

Writers may apply to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference by submitting applications in one or more of the categories listed below. Writers will be selected on the strength and promise of the work submitted and on the committee's judgment that the applicant is likely to benefit from the Conference. The application deadline is April 17.

Applicants may apply in more than one genre. The Conference offers contributor positions (general admission) and merit-based scholarships and fellowships (see eligibility criteria). Award applicants who would like to be considered for a contributor position should they not receive an award must submit a separate contributor application in addition to the award application. Writers can only attend the Conference on a traditional scholarship once and a fellowship once in any particular genre.

Thanks to the generosity of the Walter E. Dakin Memorial Fund, supported by the estate of Tennessee Williams, all writers who attend the Sewanee Writers’ Conference receive partial funding. Contributors receive assistance covering two-thirds of the actual cost to attend. The contributor Conference fee (after assistance) is $1,800: $1,100 for tuition and $700 for room and board. Scholarships cover Conference tuition (scholars pay $700 for room and board). Fellowships cover tuition, room, and board. All participants, including fellows, are responsible for their own travel costs.

All participants are expected to attend the Conference for its entire 12-day duration. Applicants must be 21 years of age by the time of the Conference.

Applicants accepted to the Conference will have the opportunity to submit a separate manuscript for workshop as well as their top choices for a faculty reader.

We will notify all applicants of decisions via email the week of May 15. Once admitted to the Conference, a writer secures a place by sending a deposit of $300 by May 30. The balance of the fee is due in Sewanee by June 15. There is no cost to apply.